God is a God of Relationship, a God of Love who yearns to love us.

Isaiah 41, 8-14: I have chosen you, not rejected you, do not be afraid for I am with you, stop being anxious and watchful for I am your God. I am Yahweh your God, I am holding you by the right hand…

We, on the other hand,  always assume, based on our own human experiences with others, that our disobedience and waywardness means that God distances himself far away from us. God, however, wants us to believe that He loves and cares for us.

Therefore, this God of relationship comes and keeps coming to love us. Rather, he is God who comes to be with us.

This is what Advent is all about. Advent is summed up with just one word- COME.

God comes.God comes to be with us. God comes to love us. God comes!

He calls us also to come to be with Him.

Do we  enter into this journey to come to Him and be with Him?

In this time of Advent, let us listen attentively to the voice of Love inviting us, “Come!”


~Sr Sandra Seow, FMVD


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